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By anglers for anglers

We organize fishing holidays on the River Ebro, this with a wealth of experience gained by fishing and guiding on many parts of this magnificent river.

Our fishing is based on what is known locally as the Upper Lake a section of the River Ebro near Caspe. Also known as Mar de Aragon which translated means The Sea of Aragon.

Caspe is central to what is officially called Embalse de Mequinenza which translated means Mequinenza Reservoir, an area of some 110km long, so there is a lot of bank available to fish from!

The Mequinenza Reservoir area of the River Ebro has vast stocks of Carp, Roach, Perch and Zander. And of course, we cannot forget the legendary Wels Catfish! An exciting array of species tempting for any serious angler.

Flexibility: the fantastic fishing here is available all year round and your fishing holiday adventure can begin whenever you wish, we do not make specified arrival or departure dates.

We offer several ways for you to experience the fabulous fishing here on the River Ebro, for further details go to Possibilities and Prices and we will provide an unforgettable experience!